RTW Now Debt Relief... Rip Off!

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Promised they were government approved; said they'd help lower my interest rate for a charge and did nothing but take my money.After I originally signed up I changed my mind and the president called and "strong armed" me to continue, sent me a check for some of my start up after running up my credit card balance with the fee.

They had me give a person access to act on my behalf; he took my debt info and never called back or answered my calls. Once I left msg saying I'll call a lawyer they called back.

Note: 2nd time ripped off by a "help" business at 4223 N 16th St, Phx, AZ.If you see that address RUN!!!

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Hi, Do you happen to have a contact number for this company?? As I have been trying to track them down as it seems they have moved, phone number has changed and Jeff Farmer (the guy that always contacted me) has seem to fallen off the face of the earth. Unfortunately I was scammed by them, and is seeking to get my money back with the help of Arizona attorney general, but recently they stated that they have been unsuccessful at reaching them....thank you

RTW Now Debt Relief - RTW Now and Relief that Works Jeff Farmer

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They claim to help lower the interest rates on your credit card but, they illegally contact you via Voice Broadcast and then when you sign up for services the real *** begins.So, I was told I can be guaranteed to make money from home and I can pay $10,000 to do this and they will do my negotiation of my credit cards for free.

Well they never attempted to negotiate my cards and made me go late to do this very bad idea to do this it hurt my credit and it hurt my relationship with my CC company.

After further investigation i found out it is illegal to charge for these type of services until they have been completed.Stay tuned My PI will have more information soon!

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